John S. Bogdanovich

John S. Bogdanovich

"My guitar building career began in 1997 on the northern coast of California in Fort Bragg. The town of Fort Bragg is the host of the Fine Woodworking Program at the College of the Redwoods. In my second year at the woodworking program under the direction of James Krenov, I became the first student to build a musical instrument at the school. Upon completing the program I began making guitars full time, and J.S. Bogdanovich Guitars was launched in a small storefront shop off of Main Street.

In the first few years of JSB Guitars my time was split between building and playing. Performing mostly at local venues, it was very rewarding to be able to survive solely from the guitar. Blessed with increasing interest in my instruments and no longer able to devote as much time to playing, my focus turned entirely to building. Although I can still play a piece or two, now it is solely for enjoyment. A lot has happened since then.

The shop was later moved from Fort Bragg to Albion where it was located on a llama farm owned by Pat and Jerry Thomas. The shop was built in the hayloft above the barn. Part of the rental agreement included caring for the animals one week out of every month. Living and working on the farm was an experience I was fortunate to have had.

In 2004 the shop was moved to Asheville, NC. The move was difficult but well worth the effort. In 2007 we moved again. This time it's just down the road to Swannanoa. The new shop (pictured above) was built next to the house which is situated in beautiful mountain surroundings. This is by far the best shop I have had the privilege to work in. Designed with the woodworking shop at the College of the Redwoods Fine Woodworking Program in mind, the space has separation between the machines and the bench area, and is very well lit. Working in this shop is a pleasure.

Since moving to Asheville guitars have been in great demand and the waiting list has grown. New things have been added to the mix such as the book, products, and classes. With all that has happened one thing remains, it is all about producing quality instruments for musicians.

There is a saying that you know you are in the right business if you like the people you are doing business with, for me this rings true. The guitarists that I have come to know through guitar making have been wonderful. Most remain in contact, some have become friends. Being a guitarist, or a luthier, in today's world is not easy. These are things I understand first hand, but at heart, I guess I am still a guitarist myself."

   -John Bogdanovich

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