Miguel Malo


Miguel Malo Martinez was born in Madrid in 1943. His life was orientated towards guitar building from a very young age. In 1959, at the age of 16, he began to apprentice at the Jose Ramirez workshop. He studied under Paulino Bernabe and Mariano Tezanos Sr. but also worked with Ramirez veterans of the time Antonio Martinez Ortega and Alfonso De Benito. Armed with a natural talent and strong interest in the craft Malo completed his first instrument in just six months after starting at the workshop. One year later he was making and completing guitars on his own. 

Malo worked for the Ramirez Workshop for 34 years and completed many instruments, some carrying his MM stamp and then later the stamp of #1. Malo left Ramirez in 1993 and set up his own workshop and began making world renowned guitars under his own label and that of Miguel Angel Senovilla.



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